Omnio Group Launches Vox Money

Omnio’s Credit Union business Kesho, has launched Vox Money, a portfolio of financial products and services that deliver greater financial control to those in society that need it the most and that have been unable to access traditional high street banking.

Too often many of the most vulnerable people in society have been excluded from financial advice and planning simply because of their demographic or financial circumstances. In fact, over a million people in the UK do not have a bank account. As a result, these unbanked individuals pay a “poverty premium” of approximately £480 per year as they cannot access the special offers and discounts available to those who use existing banking services.

Vox Money will be a significant step towards reducing that exclusion and will allow individuals and families to plan their finances, make informed decisions when managing their money and give them an alternative to mainstream banking. Crucially, Vox Money’s digital bank account will be accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial history.

With no credit checks, a Visa Card, budgeting tools, loyalty & rewards as well as 24/7 access to financial services, Vox Money’s app and website makes it easy for customers to manage their money and payments. Using secure and advanced technology to outperform existing banks, Vox Money’s offering is open to anyone over the age of 18 and ensures those people who have been ignored by high street banks or are simply looking for an alternative can have access to an online account too.

By listening too, and working closely with its existing Credit Union client base Vox Money is preparing to roll out the new portfolio of services across the UK and Ireland in 2021 and the move is the beginning of a new phase of Kesho’s growth in the credit union sector as part of the Omnio Group. In addition Kesho’s recent partnerships with organisations such as Credit Union Financial Analytics (CUFA) and Credit Kudos means those managing and monitoring Vox Money accounts on behalf of their members will have all the data and analysis they need to make informed lending decisions.